Venture Development Platform

BeyondSeed is Asia’s preferred platform for founders seeking growth and investors looking for creative investment opportunities. We match founders with mentors and experts in a way that adds value to both. Founders get access to not just capital, they gain mentors, experts and access to an exclusive network within the platform’s marketplace.

Mentors get a front role seat to the workings of their startup portfolio. We encourage mentors to be more than just a source for capital but a guiding hand in the journey of a startup towards exit. As a result, mentor gain early access to numerous startups.

On our platform the goal is simple. Have founders work with mentors and experts to achieve scalability and growth.

At BeyondSeed our model combines capital with mentorship to foster a partnership that yields startup growth. As a result, we are able to get more startups going from seed to series A.

Process of Evaluation

Startups will need to go through a three-stage evaluation process to be a part of the BeyondSeed growth platform.

Stage 1

Intial Screening

We evaluate the companies on three major criteria: products, markets and teams. We evaluate the team based on the skillset, experience, drive and understanding of the market. We believe that ideas are only as good as the team that executes it. After the startup meets these initial criteria, it moves on to the next level of evaluation.

Stage 2

Detailed Evaluation

At this stage, we go deeper into the analysis of the company. We start to take into consideration market trend, founder’s strategy for growth, traction among others.  Also, we help founders identify current gaps in their model related to business pan, TAM, product, future roadmap, competition and technology.

Stage 3


The final list of shortlisted startups moves on to our advisory board. The advisory team will not only consider the growth potential of each startup but will also suggest ways in which the platform and its members can be a catalyst to this growth for the shortlisted names. Members are encouraged to then invest capital and time in the shortlisted startups to help them in their journey from Seed to Series A.

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